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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Fresh Start!

The Holidays at the Shop are behind me and I have a Little time on My Hands! Thinking to Myself, What I needed was a Fresh Start for the New Year! Every few Years I pull out my Favorite Childhood Book The Secret Garden, and Gave it a Read! Just the inspiration I was looking for!

As I wandered around my Garden, I found bulbs beginning to peek through the Earth!
 I found an Old Potting Table needing a New Life!

 In the Green House I have Tiny French Seeding Pots I can never seem to Collect enough of!
I Began Gathering up all the Empty Pots and Containers around The Garden I could find, just Begging to be Planted!

At the Local Nurseries there were Six Packs a Plenty of all my Favorite Flowers!

I've been collecting Bulbs to plant for a few months now, to Pot up for the Shop this Spring!

  I set up a Potting Area in the Sunshine and Decided to Have a Play Day!

Then..... I noticed My Beautiful Myrtle Wreath from Christmas was ready for a Makeover!

I had all the Supplies I needed Right in  front of me! Cutting Pieces of Twine and Threading them through the hole in the bottom of the Tiny French Pots, I began to Tie them Helter Skelter around the Wreath. Making sure there were a few Upright Pots to add Flowers to!

I added a Ribbon Remnant and filled the Pots with Mini Yellow Pansies from Six Packs, Moss and a Few Daffodil bulbs! (Those I'll have to Plant later).

 It's beginning to Rain now... So, All those Bulbs, and Flowers, and Pots will wait for Another Sunny Day!

I Love The Feeling this Wreath Evokes, a Feeling of New Beginnings and All that I love! Happy New Year to Everyone! May it be Filled with New Beginnings and Promise of a Good Year!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I just Love it when a New Piece arrives at the Shop! These  Reproduction Dolly Tubs were Just the Inspiration I needed to Create my New Blog!
Such a Versatile Piece. Let's Start with the Most Obvious Choice, as a Planter. 


             The Look of Zinc Fits in with any Decor Indoors or Out, Where it  Only gets Better with Age!


                           Pull it Up and Turn it Over, Throw a Pillow on Top For an Extra Seat!

                                                        Or Simply Use as an Ottoman!

                                 Top with Cutting Board for Impromptu Lunch or Cocktail Table!

                                                   A Place to Stack your Favorite Books!

This  Dolly Tub Can Be used as a Catch All for Hundreds of Things, Towels, Toys, Recycling, Potting Soil, and Garden Tools, Just to Name a Few! And in a Very Chic Way I might Add!